Monday, September 28, 2009


welcome to my photography blog! i'm really passionate about photography and take a ton of pictures so i thought i would start a blog where i can share my photos with everyone. maybe one day i will be a real photographer with a real photography website, but for now... i have this. i hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hi Shaina! I clicked over through Patrice's blog. I think your photos are fantastic. I have two really cute kids if you want some practice! :)
    my name is megan brintnall vogler if you want to see them on facebook.

  2. Great photos Shaina. I look forward to seeing all of your work. Add the one of the farris(sp) wheel. I think your other followers would like that one. I really did.

    Do you have any that reflects moods or feelings? Such as excitement, fear, sadness, desperation, etc.

    Some of the most powerful photos I've seem were of the homeless or children in dispire.

    Looking forward to seeing much more.